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Are You Spoylt Material?

Cate Blanchett, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Elizabeth Banks, Melinda Clark and Carmen Electra are all Spoylt ladies. If you have not heard or seen on TV, Spoylt is the hottest new line of collectible, hand crafted, haute couture lingerie from London. They recently set up shop online to bring their high end products to the USA. From their classic Ginger line to their new Captive line, every Spoylt intimate set is simply striking. If you are not normally a high end lingerie shopper, tip toe in by reviewing their exclusive online sales. The silky Radiance set of bras and panties (a personal favorite of mine) can be yours for almost half price.

My only complaint with high end lingerie shopping is all the eccentric names for each product line. Sometimes I just want to shop by specific lingerie types like Demi Bra, T-Back Bra or Hipster Panty. How am I supposed to know what the Beguile products are all about? But make no mistake about it, there is a time, a place, a weekend and a night for high end lingerie...and Spoylt is the perfect fit for those special occasions.

Check out the video if you want to see more about Spoylt:

Melissa Hays
Melissa Hays

Satin Molded Padded Underwire Bra by Dolce & Gabbana

Sold Out! Sorry.

I like this bra because it is cute, sexy, but not completely outrageous. The red and pink satin gives this D&G bra an unforgettable look. It gives good support and it is very comfortable too. I do not mind wearing this fine bra the entire day. It is a little expensive as it is a Dolce and Gabbana product. Lastly, it does not show through whatever I decide to wear over it because it has a very low plunging neck line.

Melissa Hays
Melissa Hays

Dream Lace Tisha Bra
by Le Mystere

This bra, in burgundy with ivory lace, is a wonderful undergarment, with a sexy enough look to go from the board room under a suit to the bedroom!! I love that it is available in several different colors as well, but the rich burgudy is my definite favorite! It is so hard to find a bra that covers well and is beautiful and sexy at the same time! The lace on the straps is a nice touch too, and is very comfortable as it changes from lace at the front to nylon over the shoulders, where the most stress on skin comes from! Boning on the sides is a great touch too, and always adds support!

Melissa Hays
Melissa Hays

Featured Article

Bras: The Jury Is Still Out For Me

Bras, curse or God send, who really knows. I don’t like having to wear them all the time, but if I try to go a day or two without one, my ‘girls’ get tender and then I have to walk carefully.

I’m a heavy chested lady (size 34D as you might have guessed) and I tend to wear under wires for the additional support. This gives me plenty of experience with uncomfortable bras. One of the first things I do when I buy a new bra is slightly bend the outside wire away from my sensitive flesh. I don’t care if they do put plastic nubs on the ends, they still dig in. You have to find just the right bend too, or it’ll poke your inner arms.

Of course, boobs rarely are exactly alike so each wire must be individually adjusted. Once you get the things arranged just right, you have to hope they stay put during the wash. After you and your bra make peace and develop a comfortable relationship, that’s about the time the wire tips poke through the fabric. This usually happens when your not home, nor will be able to get home for a few hours. I guess those wires get bored stuck inside the bra and given the slightest chance, they make a break for it. I can’t believe how quickly they wiggle out from under your breast. So you have to make regular visits to the bathroom to wrangle that baby back to where it belongs and hope is stays in the bra longer this time.

The straps are another problem I have. I’m always getting measured to make sure I’m wearing the correct size but those straps don’t seem to agree. They still leave marks on my shoulders. Ugh . . . Don’t get me started on panties!

Melissa Hays
Melissa Hays